Tournament Rules

This is a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament. All teams must carry their original USA Hockey (T-1) official roster. A copy must be turned in to the Tournament Director 30 days prior to arriving to the tournament. USA Hockey rules will govern all tournament play.

Ineligible Player Suspension: Any Coach that plays an ineligible player shall be suspended from the tournament and the game will be forfeited.  The game will be scored 3-0 with maximum points awarded to the non-offending team.

USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy will be enforced at all games. Profanity or excessive taunting will not be tolerated from players, team officials, parents or fans. Players and team officials will be assessed penalties, and spectators guilty of the above will be asked to leave the rink. For teams that do not abide by these rules, the Tournament Director reserves the right to withdraw the teams from the tournament with no refund.

No minimum squad requirement. Maximum squad is 20. In order to be eligible for a playoff game, a player must have participated in at least one preliminary game.

Only players, coaches and tournament officials recognized by the tournament committee, will be allowed on or near the player’s benches.


  • Warm up – teams will have 2 minutes to warm up. All teams should be ready to play 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

Period Length / Scoring

  • All games will be (2) 12 minute running clock periods.
  • Scoring will be kept by the time keeper but will not be displayed during the game
  • Each team has (1) one minute time out per game

Game Structure

  • 4 on 4 plus goalie tournament. Each team may have 4 players and a goalie on the ice at all times.  Regulation nets will be used. No off-sides. 1 Referee and blue pucks to be used.
  • All line changes will be on the fly.
  • Faceoffs – There will be a faceoff at center ice to start each game, period and any puck that goes out of play.
  • Frozen pucks and Goals– on a frozen puck or goal, the referee will place the puck behind the net, with the opposing team retreating to the red line. When both teams are set, play will resume when the referee blows their whistle.
  • Penalties – Penalties will be called utilizing the delayed whistle system. The referee will escort the player off the ice and a replacement player will immediately take the ice (there will be no power play or short-handed situations).  The non-offending team will get the puck behind the nearest net or in the nearest corner.  The offending team must back off 15 feet until the referee blows the whistle.
  • Penalty Shots – should the referee call a penalty due to an intentionally unsafe or flagrant act, a penalty shot may be awarded at their discretion. 

Additional Levels:

All games will consist of three 13 minute periods.

Any match or major penalty will result in automatic suspension from tournament.

Match Penalties will result in player and/or coach being suspended for the remainder of the tournament. All information will be sent to the teams local governing body. If a “league” team, information goes to the respective league. If an “independent” team, information goes to the respective affiliate/district. Any suspension received for “abuse of an official” will go directly to the respective affiliate.

Major Penalties will follow USA Hockey rules which mandate next game suspension for the player/coach. Tournament officials are permitted to use their discretion based on the offense and/or conduct for further disciplinary action and/or game suspension.

Championship Determination: All championship games must be played. If a team cannot participate in a playoff game, the next team will take their place. The former team will forfeit their rights to any awards.

Should any playoff game (that is not the championship game) result in a tie, championship overtime procedures will apply to that playoff game until a winner is determined.