Team Placement

Divisions & Team Placement Procedures

Our tournaments typically draw teams from many areas of the East Coast. Expect to encounter teams that may have different eligibility or classification rules that may not correspond to what you are accustomed to in your area. The age groups for USA Hockey however areas that have large numbers of registered players tend to further delineate within the 2 year window allowed for each age group.

When formulating divisions we attempt to provide the best possible “competitive fit” from a pool of teams that often times has geographically diverse origins and classification rules indigenous to their respective home areas. Our insight and experience allows us to know in most cases what mix will provide an optimal competitive grouping. However, the input provided from team administrators by completing our questionnaire and roster forms and submitting in a timely fashion is invaluable. In addition, we strongly welcome & encourage discussion on your team’s competitive level prior to placement.

Schedule Release Information

A game schedule is made available for registered teams to view on the website 7 days prior to the start of the tournament.