Team Placement

Divisions & Tournament Play


Each weekend is structured to have two- 4 team divisions. This is the idle set-up for the weekend. Some weekends can range from one- 6 team division to two – 6 team divisions. Other than those date currently designated on the home page, the divisions for each weekend are set by the first teams to register.

Example: An A level team and a C level team are the first to sign up for a tournament date. That will set that weekend as a & C levels. After levels are set teams will be listed on our Participating Teams page.

Tournament Play

With multiple weekends of small division our tournament are designed for the your Mite players and parents to have the most fun possible. Schedules will be set to give the best competition for that weekend.

That said, no one can guarantee a weekend of one goal games. Please observe good sportsmanship. Goal differential is not a tie breaker in this tournament. Accumulated penalties will be a tie breaker.

Schedule Release Information

A game schedule is made available for registered teams to view via schedule sent to the team manager seven days prior to the date your team will be playing. This schedule will be updated through out the weekend and can be viewed as updates are posted.

Team Mangers, please share this with your parents if you wish.