General Information

Refund Policy

A $250.00 portion of any team registration fee submitted is non-refundable upon receipt.

Team Check-In Requirements

A Team Manager or Head Coach is required to check-in with the Score Keeper prior to the start of their first scheduled game.

Team Roster Requirements

All teams are required to present a copy of their official roster that is issued by USA Hockey to our on-site director 30 days prior to the start of the tournament.

Tournament Start & Finish Times

All games have the potential of starting between 4 pm on Friday and ending on Sunday at 9 pm.  Guest rooms are not guaranteed for late check-outs, despite hockey tournament schedule. Space for changing and showering after the Sunday game is available at our on-site athletic club.

A final note to team contacts, please be candid with your parent group in regards to these scheduling guidelines and parameters that we have provided. Make sure they are prepared to play hockey within the time frame we have presented. Requests for late start and or finish times will be noted, reviewed and accommodated whenever possible when scheduling. However, there will be no guarantee that your request can be accommodated. Once the game schedule has been released, there will be no changes to the schedule based on the pleadings of team contacts that have suddenly discovered that their parent group has threatened a mutiny unless their schedule is changed. This approach used by some parents is unprofessional and selfish and can make the team contact’s thankless job even more difficult. Furthermore, schedule changes create much work and problems for participating teams and organizers.